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The Zen Shakuhachi Truth Research Web Pages

Introduction & Critical Guide to the Study of Early Ascetic Shakuhachi History & Ideology in Particular

Torsten Olafsson • 無穴笛オーラフソン トーステンデンマーク • Denmark



The Conclusions

Errors, Misconceptions & Lies

Questions & Loose Ends

To be - or not to be:
     a 'Zen Buddhist Priest'?

The Source Collections

The Written Sources

Key Terms & Names

Highlighted Pictures

The 1678 Komusō-ha Oboe

The Hottō Kokushi Legend

The Kaidō Honsoku Thesis

The Kaidō Honsoku Evidence

Isshi Bunshu's Letter to the
     komusō Sandō Mugetsu

The Hotoke-gotoba Evidence

Keichō no okitegaki

1823 Hitori mondō

Quotations & Illustrations:
 •  India, China & Japan
 •  The West

Myōan Taizan-ha Thought

Myōan Taizan-ha Notation



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Introduction - Researching the Secrets
of "Zen Shakuhachi" & "Shakuhachi Zen" ...

Who were the komusō', 虚無僧, the "Monks of Non-Duality* & Noone-ness"
and their predecessors, the komosō', 薦僧, the "Mat Monks"?
     (*or, Non-Substantiality)

The fantastic, fairytale-like flute with the forged faith and the fundamentally falsified philosophy ... ?

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What do the many surviving written Japanese source documents and plentiful pictorial evidence actually clarify to us about early "Fuke Shakuhachi" and "Zen Shakuhachi" history and ideology - in particular?

That is what these "Zen Shakuhachi Truth Research Web Pages" are, simply, all about.

Please enjoy All the best

Torsten 無穴笛 Olafsson - Elsinore, Denmark - 2016

Overall conclusion that has manifested itself
as a result of the present research project

The history and supposed characteristics of socalled "Buddhist", or rather: "Ascetic" Shakuhachi Practices in Japan have been seriously falsified from the very beginning.

This process of deliberate source forgery and myth creation is taking place still, this very day - generated by "professionals" and "amateurs" alike, inside as well as outside of Japan, be they both performers, historians and fans!

Ozawa Seizan Myōan 1.8 shakuhachi

1.8 Myōan Taizan-ha shakuhachi made by Ozawa Seizan, 1929-2012

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Mukuteki suizen

"Mukuteki suizen"

Signed by
Myōan Taizan
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