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Introduction & Critical Guide to the Study of Early Ascetic Shakuhachi History & Ideology in Particular

Torsten Olafsson • 無穴笛オーラフソン トーステンデンマーク • Denmark



The Conclusions

Errors, Misconceptions & Lies

Questions & Loose Ends

To be - or not to be:
     a 'Zen Buddhist Priest'?

The Source Collections

The Written Sources

Key Terms & Names

Highlighted Pictures

The 1678 Komusō-ha Oboe

The Hottō Kokushi Legend

The Kaidō Honsoku Thesis

The Kaidō Honsoku Evidence

Isshi Bunshu's Letter to the
     komusō Sandō Mugetsu

The Hotoke-gotoba Evidence

Keichō no okitegaki

1823 Hitori mondō

Quotations & Illustrations:
 •  India, China & Japan
 •  The West

Myōan Taizan-ha Thought

Myōan Taizan-ha Notation



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Introduction - Researching the Secrets
of "Zen Shakuhachi" & "Shakuhachi Zen" ...

Who were the komusō', 虚無僧,
the "Monks of Non-Duality(*) & No-one-ness"
and their predecessors, the komosō', 薦僧, the "Mat Monks"?
     (*or, Non-Substantiality)

The fantastic, fairytale-like flute with the forged faith and the fundamentally falsified philosophy ... ?

What do the many surviving written Japanese source documents and plentiful pictorial evidence actually clarify to us about early "Fuke Shakuhachi" and "Zen Shakuhachi" history and ideology - in particular?

That is what these "Zen Shakuhachi Truth Research Web Pages" are all about.

Please enjoy All the best

Torsten 無穴笛 Olafsson - Elsinore, Denmark - 2016

Recent Collaborations

Mr. Ronald Nelson of the International Shakuhachi Society (ISS) has supplied to me both scannings of essential Japanese texts and, not least, most valuable photos taken by him in the "Komusō Room" of the Matsudo City Museum in NW Chiba, Japan, in the Summer of 2014.

Please do visit the outstanding art photographer's no less than breathtakingly amazing picture website and appreciate his many fantastic photos from the trips of his in Japan that year:

Ronald Nelson photo website

Also, Mr. Kishi Kiyokazu, 貴志清一, Japan, has contributed prominently with till now two very important historical Fuke Shakuhachi texts/documents generously made readable here in modern Japanese, transcribed from the Kanbun and classical Japanese originals, respectively.

Kishi Kiyokazu

Kishi Kiyokazu

You may visit Mr. Kishi's comprehensive Japanese website via this link:

Link to 尺八吹奏研究会HP - The Shakuhachi Performance Research Society HomePage edited by Kishi Kiyokazu

Links to recent 2016 updates on the home page can be found page bottom on this newly updated web page:

Link to The 1678 Komusō-ha Oboe webpage

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Mukuteki suizen

"Mukuteki suizen"

Signed by
Myōan Taizan
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